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To the Greater Glory of God

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Life Ascending Australia

is a world-wide movement for Seniors which will enrich you spiritually and bring new friendships. Visit www.lifeascending.org.au or contact Ray Byers 9570 3507 for details of our group at St Joseph’s Oatley

"The History of St Joseph’s Parish Oatley"

written by Norm Windred is available for purchase from the Presbytery at a cost of $20. Please visit the office on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday between 9am and 3pm if you would like to buy a copy. The book covers the work done by our priests and laity from the past until now.

St Vincent de Paul Society

Be part of the St Vincent de Paul Society's Good Works. Is there a desire in you to do something more? Would you like to reach out to those in need? Our local St Vincent de Paul Society conference is seeking new members to join them in their work of serving the disadvantaged and vulnerable members of our community. Men and women of all ages are welcome to join us. For further information contact: Sue Vit on 0407 291 722.

2011 Bulletin Archive

The weekly parish bulletin informs parishioners of all relevant events taking place in the parish and around Sydney.

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Bulletin 22 May 2011[download, 237Kb]
Bulletin 5 June 2011[download, 238Kb]
Bulletin 12 June 2011[download, 237Kb]
Bulletin 19 June 2011[download, 237Kb]
Bulletin 26 June 2011[download, 248Kb]
Bulletin 1 May 2011[download, 233Kb]
Bulletin 8 May 2011[download, 236Kb]
Bulletin 15 May 2011[download, 237Kb]
Bulletin 29 May 2011[download, 234Kb]
Bulletin 24 April 2011[download, 250Kb]
Bulletin 13 March 2011[download, 237Kb]
Bulletin 20 March 2011[download, 238Kb]
Bulletin 27 March 2011[download, 238Kb]
Bulletin 27 February 2011[download, 238Kb]
Bulletin 3 April 2011[download, 238Kb]
Bulletin 10 April 2011[download, 230Kb]
Bulletin 17 April 2011[download, 234Kb]
Bulletin 30 January 2011[download, 237Kb]
Bulletin 13 February 2011[download, 236Kb]
Bulletin 6 February 2011[download, 236Kb]
Bulletin 20 February 2011[download, 276Kb]
Bulletin 23 January 2011[download, 236Kb]
Bulletin 16 January 2011[download, 236Kb]
Bulletin 9 January 2011[download, 237Kb]
Bulletin 2 January 2011[download, 236Kb]
Bulletin 3 July 2011[download, 354Kb]
Bulletin 27 November 11[download, 238Kb]
Bulletin 8 January 2012[download, 236Kb]
Bulletin 1 January 2012[download, 236Kb]
Bulletin 25 December 2011[download, 277Kb]
Bulletin 18 December 2011[download, 251Kb]
Bulletin 11 December 2011[download, 252Kb]
Bulletin 4 December 2011[download, 238Kb]
Bulletin 20 November 2011[download, 235Kb]
Bulletin 13 November 2011[download, 239Kb]
Bulletin 6 November 2011[download, 253Kb]
Bulletin 30 October 2011[download, 236Kb]
Bulletin 23 October 11[download, 280Kb]
Bulletin 16 October 2011[download, 284Kb]
Bulletin 9 October 2011[download, 282Kb]
Bulletin 2 October 2011[download, 240Kb]
Bulletin 25 September 2011[download, 240Kb]
Bulletin 11 September 2011[download, 281Kb]
Bulletin 18 September 2011[download, 284Kb]
Bulletin 4 September 2011[download, 237Kb]
Bulletin 28 August 2011[download, 239Kb]
Bulletin 14 August 2011[download, 237Kb]
Bulletin 7 August 2011[download, 240Kb]
Bulletin 31 July 2011[download, 240Kb]
Bulletin 17 July 2011[download, 236Kb]
Bulletin 24 July 2011[download, 241Kb]
Bulletin 10 July 2011[download, 314Kb]